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Dansis Research Seminar 2017
Technical University of Denmark, DTU, Building 101A, meeting room S09
Wednesday 17. May 2017,  9.00 - 15.30

DANSIS invites you to a seminar with presentations of research in fluid mechanics related to industrial applications. The seminar will be a meeting between researchers at Danish universities and companies dealing with fluid mechanical processes. The presentations will mainly cover current or newly defended Ph.D projects.  

We encourage all members of the Danish fluid mechanics environment to participate in the event. It will be a unique possibility to get an insight into ongoing research at Danish universities and to pass new knowledge and inspiration to your organization. Moreover, you may also identify possible candidates for future job positions in your company.  

We also encourage all Ph.d students to submit an abstract for the seminar. Please find details about this in the announcement.

8.30 Registration
9.00 Welcome
Knud Erik Meyer, DANSIS Chairman
9.05 Brief overview of fluid mechanical research at DTU
Jens H. Walther, DTU Mechanical Engineering
9.20      Brief overview of fluid mechanics research at Aalborg University
Anders Christian Olesen, IET, Aalborg University
9.30 Ph.D. presentations:
Cascaded design tools for 10MW offshore wind turbine floaters (Antonio Pegalajar-Jurado)
PIV measurements of breaking waves (Malene Hovgaard Vested)
Coupled modelling of wind turbine noise from sound to receiver (Emre Barlas)
10.15 Coffee break
10.45 Ph.D. presentations
Spatial decomposition of the turbulent jet far-field (Azur Hodzic)
Mapping of energy cascade in the developing region of a turbulent round jet (Mohd Rusdy Bin Yaacob)
Water flow and modeling of choanoflagellate Diaphanoeca grandis (Seyed Saeed Asadzadeh)
11.30 Forskningsbarometer for Danmark
Lasse Jensen, Uddannelses- og forskningsministeriet
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Ph.D. presentations:
Ship propeller cavitation modeling for the behind-ship condition (Pelle Bo Regener)
Experimental & Numerical analysis of PEM water electrolysis from thermal and fluid mechanics point of view (Saeed Sadeghi Lafmejani)
Heat transfer in swirling flow (Nor Faizah Haminudin)
Modeling of Condensation of Sulfuric Acid and Water in a Large Two-stroke Marine Diesel Engine (Nikolas Karvounis)
14.00 Coffee break
14.20 Ph.D. presentations:
Novel micro-and nanofabricated fluidic devices for studying nanoscale chemical and electrochemical processes in electron microscopes (Silvia Canepa)
The challenges of simulating free-surface waves in OpenFOAM (Bjarke Eltard-Larsen)
Simulation of particulate deposition of micron-sized adhesive particles in turbulent flow by fully-coupled large eddy simulations and the discrete element method (Jakob Hærvig)
Large eddy simulation with vortex-particle mesh methods (Henrik J. Spietz)
15.20 Closing remarks
Knud Erik Meyer, DANSIS chairman
15:30 End

Members of DANSIS can participate in the seminar free of charge. Non-members are also invited to participate at a fee of 400 DKK.

Register for the meeting
DANSIS - The Danish Society for Industrial Fluid Dynamics     Email: dansis@dansis.dk