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Visit to the University of Lund
Maskinhuset (Mechanical Engineering building) room M:B
Ole Römers väg 1
Wednesday 28th of May 2014
Free bus ride from Copenhagen Central Station and back

Speakers of different departments working with topics related to fluid mechanics will present research activities  
8.30 Free Bus Ride leaves from DGI-Byen / Copenhagen Central Station
DANSIS provides a free bus ride.
Departure: DGI Byen, Tiegentsgade Kbh. The bus is parked on Ingerslevgade close to Tiegentsgade, See map Below.
 9.30 Arrival at Lund
10.00 Welcome and introduction


Laser diagnostics in combustion applications


Mattias Richter, Div. of Combustion Physics
presentation in PDF


Experimental study of heat transfer and fluid flow by using LCT and PIV


Lei Wang, Div. of Heat Transfer
Presentation in PDF


Experimental and computational studies of fluid dynamics applied to noise suppression and combustion


Ephraim Gutmark University of Cincinnati, Aerospace Engineering, USA
Presentation in PDF


Mechanisms for mixing in intermittent spray injection, Laszlo Fuchs, Div. of Fluid Mechanics


Laszlo Fuchs, Div. of Fluid Mechanics,
Presentation in PDF


Modelling of wind-wave interaction in offshore wind power applications


Johan Revstedt, Div. of Fluid Mechanics
Presentation in PDF


Coffee break


Animal flight – different solutions to the same problems


Christoffer Johansson Westheim, Centre for Animal Movement Research
Presentation in PDF


Visualization and quantification of three dimensional cardiovascular flow using MRI


Einar Heberg/Johannes Töger, Clinical Physiology


Closing remarks


Knud Erik Meyer, DANSIS chairman


Departure: Lund University.
17:00 Arrival Tietgensgade, Copenhagen


Members of DANSIS can participate in the seminar free of charge. Non-members are also invited to participate at a fee of 400 DKK.
By registration you automatically reserve a seat at the free bus ride. If you wish NOT to join the bus, please inform dansis by email.
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