Guide for presenters

We at DANSIS are pleased to have you as a presenter at one of our DANSIS seminars. We look forward to your presentation. In order for your presentation to be well understood and timed we urge you to consider the following suggestions and facts:

  • There will be a projector and a pc at the location
  • Please use English as your preferred language.
  • Your presentation is scheduled to last 25-45 minutes, including questions from the audience. Please try to keep this time
  • Please make sure you have your presentation backed up on a USB memory stick if possible
  • Please begin your presentation with a short overview of the subject and explain briefly specialist expressions
  • Please hand over your presentation in PDF format (or similar) to the DANSIS committee for upload to the DANSIS Website. Please remember to remove confidential slides
  • Please try to come up with useful tips to the audience on the subject of the presentation
  • Please reduce the introduction of your company or university to a minimum.
  • Please feel free to go into (extreme) detail about the subject.
  • If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact DANSIS.

Thank you, The DANSIS Committee