Research Seminar 2017

DANSIS and FLUID•DTU each year invites you to a seminar with presentations of current research in fluid mechanics. The seminar will be a meeting between researchers at Danish universities and companies dealing with fluid mechanical processes. The presentations will mainly cover current or newly defended Ph.D projects.

16 May 2017

DTU Lyngby Campus
Building 101A, Meeting room 1
Anker Engelunds Vej 1
2800 Kongens Lyngby


Ph.d. students working on a current project and researchers that have defended a Ph.D. degree after last years seminar are invited to give a short (approximately 10 minutes) oral presentation of their research. The research should have a significant element of fluid mechanics. Newly started Ph.d. students may be offered a poster presentation instead. A keynote presentation may also be invited by the organising committee.

As a presenter you will have the possibility to present your work for a significant part of the Danish fluid mechanics community. You may interact with both industry and academia and by this strengthen your network and open new possibilities.

The presentation should be in English. If you would like to present your project, you should submit an application by sending an e-mail to the local organiser (Knud Erik Meyer, with:

your name, title and affiliation
Ph.D project starting date and date of defense (if known)
name of your supervisor
title of presentation
a short (5-10 lines) description of your topic

Please submit your application before April 5, 2017. Decision of acceptance of your presentation will be communicated around April 10, 2017.

Presenters should then send a one page presentation of their project as a PDF file. This will be used for a printed proceeding. Further details on this written presentation will follow. We also ask presenters to let us publish their slides on the DANSIS website,


We encourage all members of the Danish fluid mechanics community to participate in the event. It will be a unique possibility to get an insight into ongoing research at Danish universities and to pass new knowledge and inspiration to your organisation. Moreover, you may also identify possible candidates for future job positions in your company.

If you want to participate in the meeting, you should register for the seminar at the DANSIS website. Members of DANSIS can participate in the seminar free of charge. Non-members are also invited to participate at a fee of 400 DKK. DANSIS will host an informal lunch. All participants will receive a copy of the printed proceedings.

Organising committee:

Knud Erik Meyer, Technical University of Denmark, chairman of DANSIS
Tomas Bohr, Technical University of Denmark, FLUID•DTU
Matthias Mandø, Aalborg University
Bo Gervang, Aarhus University

The review committee will consist of members from the DANSIS board (representing nine companies and three universities) and from FLUID•DTU.