Floating Renewable Energy

Wednesday 30. Marts, 10:00-15:40

Towing of TetraSpar Demonstrator floating foundation with 3,6 MW wind turbine to test site near Stavanger in Norway in June 2021. Reproduced with permission of Stiesdal Offshore Technologies

Acceleration of the green transition is pushing renewable energy technologies to the limit. This seminar combines two areas of active research and development within green offshore energy; floating offshore wind turbine foundations and wave energy. Since both technologies are floating they share fluid dynamic properties and challenges.

Wind turbine parks are built further offshore and at higher water depths. This require new types of foundations and multiple companies are working on floating offshore foundations for very large wind turbines. One of those companies is Stiesdal Offshore Technologies and they will present how they tackled the complex fluid dynamics with lab scale test and CFD.

Wave energy has been long underway and is still missing a commercial breakthrough. Recent years a number of concepts have been tested with success and research within this field is gaining momentum. We will hear from some of the active players within wave energy both from industry and academia.

For practical reasons the seminar is split between DTU and DHI in Hørsholm. The first half of the seminar will take place at DTU and after lunch we relocate to DHI, where the seminar will proceed after a guided tour in the test facilities. The relocation will be in private cars and/or by bus 150S.

DTU Building 101A, møderum 1                                        DHI
Anker Engelunds Vej 1                      &                                  Agern Allé 5
2800 Kongens Lyngby                                                            2970 Hørsholm


9:30        Registration

10:00      Welcome
                  Stig Staghøj Knudsen, DTU, Denmark

10:10      Small is Beautiful? Simulations of a Compact Wave Energy Converter for
                  Seabed Power and Communications
                  Robert Read, DTU, Denmark

10:40      Coffe break

11:10      Application of CFD in the design of floating wind turbine foundations (Slides)
                  Amin Ghadirian, Stiesdal Offshore Technologies, Denmark 

11:40     Creating confidence and removing uncertainty by numerical simulations
                 Rune P. Bloom, CrestWing,  Denmark

12:10     Lunch and relocation to DHI

13:15     Guided tour in test facilities at DHI

14:00    Hybrid modelling for floating offshore wind developments – coupling physical
                models, numerical models and data
                Thor Ugelvig Petersen and Pietro Danilo Tomaselli, DHI, Denmark

14:30     Application of lab-scale experiments in the design of floating wind turbine
  Thomas Raahauge Nielsen, Stiesdal Offshore Technologies, Denmark

15:00    Coffee break

15:30    How to handle inertia forces on Wavepiston full scale WEC systems
                Kristian Glejbøl, Wavepiston, Denmark

16:00   Closing remarks

After the seminar we will have the general assembly of DANSIS in the same place. Please note that the general assembly will be in Danish.

Members of DANSIS can participate in the seminar free of charge. Non-members are also invited to participate at a fee of 400 DKK.

Please register for the seminar no later than Monday 28th of March.

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