Merry Christmas and upcoming seminars

Towing of TetraSpar Demonstrator floating foundation with 3,6 MW wind turbine to test site near Stavanger in Norway in June 2021. Reproduced with permission of Stiesdal Offshore Technologies

We are approching the end of 2021 and DANSIS would like to use the opportunity to thank all members for the continued support. This year has been the second  Corona year and naturally this has posed quite some challenges for a network based on social networking events.

Despite this, 2021 has been a good year for DANSIS. We have facilitated 2 online seminars with succes and finally suceeded to have a fully booked physical seminar at GEA in the fall. The feedback from members has been very positive and the new online formats has shown a great potential.

Next year we are hoping to have more physical seminars and we have lined up with two exciting seminars for the spring program.

Floating Renewable Energy

First seminar will be on floating renewable energy and will be at DTU in Lyngby and DHI in Hørsholm. We have contributions from leading players in floating offshore wind and wave energy as well as academia. We will also have a chance to see the experimental facilities at DHI. The seminar is sheduled to 30th March and you can find more information and registrer for the seminar here.

Fluid Mechanics in Bioreactors and Fermentation

In the second seminar of 2022 at 25th of May we wil have a look into a new area for DANSIS; Bioreactors and fermentation. In this seminar hosted by DTU Chemical Engineering’s PROSYS research center we will meet experts from Academia and companies including Chr. Hansen, Freesense, Novo Nordisk, and Novozymes. Read more about the seminar here.

On behalf of DANSIS
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Stig Staghøj Knudsen
Web and newsletter editor