High order discretisation methods in CFD

High order discretisation methods in CFD

Venue:      Inge Lehmanns Gade 10, 8000 Aarhus

Date:         21 March 2018










With the advent of super computers, we require higher and higher accuracy in the solution of many engineering problems. This has historically, in CFD, mainly been achieved by using a denser and denser grid in combination with a low order discretisation methods. However, to gain a much higher accuracy, for the same computer resources, we could increase the discretisation order while maintaining the grid density.

During the seminar, we will address the advantages of higher order discretisation methods. In addition, we will discuss mimetic or compatible discretisation methods, which are numerical schemes that largely mimic the continuous differential equation. Mimetic and high order discretisation schemes will be discussed individually and combined.


09:30 Registration  
10:00 Welcome Bo Gervang, Aarhus University
10:10 An introduction to high order and mimetic discretization methods for utilization in CFD Bo Gervang, Aarhus University
10:50 Coffee break  
11:10 Incorporation of Mimetic methods in CFD Marc Gerritsma , TU Delft
11:50 Lunch  
12:30 Mimetic discretization of the NS equations with emphasis on sedimentation transport Artur Palha - ASML and TU/e
13:10 Spectral/hp element, scale resolving modelling for high Reynolds number Road and Race Car Aerodynamics Spencer Sherwin, Imperial College
13:50 Coffee break  
14:10 Non-intrusive Reduced Order Models for CFD Jan Hesthaven, EPFL
14:50 How to innovate using applied and computational mathematics – on bridging research in modern scientific computing paradigms with industrial applications Allan Engsig-Karup, DTU
15:30 Mimetic methods for diffusion problems Kennet Olesen, MIIR
15:50 Incorporating complex physics in high order codes: reactive and multiphase flows Ananias Tompoulidis
16:30 Closing remarks Knud Erik Meyer, DANSIS chairman