Venue:      Aalborg University Copenhagen, A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, 2450 København SV Seminarrum 1.008 (Auditoriet)

Date:         27 March 2019





OpenFOAM is probably the most popular Open-source CFD code. It is used routinely in many Danish companies and universities. OpenFOAM is both free in the sense that there is no license fee and in the sense that you have access to the full source code. However, OpenFOAM is also challenging to use for many reason: there are many solvers developed by different groups available with different levels of maintenance, user interface and help is less smooth than for any commercial code and upgrading to newer versions is not trivial.

For this seminar, we have invited several experienced users from Denmark to share their experience with OpenFOAM and we have also invited some of the international players to give a perspective on where OpenFOAM is moving. We hope that the seminar can inspire to a stronger interaction between OpenFOAM users in Denmark, perhaps in the form of user groups or training events.


09:00 Registration  
09:30 The current OpenFOAM landscape Johan Roenby, Assistant Professor, AAU
09:45 OpenFOAM Governance Fred Mendonça, Managing Director, OpenCFD
10:30 Coffee break  
10:50 Development of the finite volume method for solid mechanics in OpenFOAM Philip Cardiff, Assistant Professor, University College Dublin
11:35 Modelling Wave-Structure-Soil Interaction with OpenFOAM Hisham Elsafti, Research Associate, TU Braunschweig
12:00 Lessons learned from 10 years use of OpenFOAM at Vestas Yavor V. Hristov, Vestas
12:25 Lunch  
13:25 Open-source CFD in the building industry: The journey towards the development of the virtual wind tunnel Stefano Capra, Rambøll
13:50 Industrial use of OpenFOAM for Optimization and Democratization of Simulations Niels E. Linnemann Nielsen, Grundfos
14:15 Coffee break  
14:45 Experiences using OpenFOAM for coastal and offshore applications Bjarke Eltard Larsen, Postdoc, DTU
15:10 OpenFOAM based simulations of in-cylinder flow in large marine two-stroke engines Eric Baudoin, Research Engineer, MAN Energy Solutions
15:35 General discussion, new initiatives in Denmark around OpenFOAM  
16:00 Closing Remarks Knud Erik Meyer, DANSIS chairman
16:10 End of Seminar