Cooling of Electronics (Online)

Cooling of Electronics (Online)

Date:         7 October 2020




For electrical devices like CPUs, smartphones or power electronics to function reliably it is highly important to avoid overheating. Large temperature deviations from nominal operation not only impact performance, they also constitute a risk from a lifetime perspective.

DANSIS invites you to a seminar on Cooling of Electronics. The focus of this seminar will be on providing attendees with a general introduction to cooling of electronics and its impact on reliability, but also give examples from academia and industry where various cooling and optimization strategies have been investigated or employed


14:00 Welcome Jakob Hærvig, Aalborg University, Denmark
14:10 From reliability requirements to thermal analysis of power electronics systems Anders Christian Olesen, Vestas, Denmark
14:35 Topology optimisation of electronics cooling Joe Alexandersen, Southern Danish University, Denmark
15:00 Coffee break  
15:10 Liquid cooling of high-power power modules for wind turbine and automotive applications Klaus Olesen, Danfoss, Denmark
15:30 DANSIS Graduate Award  
15:50 Closing remarks Knud Erik Meyer, DANSIS chairman & DTU, Denmark